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Chanel Glossimer 82 Sungold

I just bought two Chanel Glossimer lipglosses in Sungold #82 on eBay because I found out this weekend that they discontinued the color – which I love. It’s a very springy and light (but not too light) and sparkly (but not glittery), coral shade.
Part of my is quite impressed with my ingenuity to solve this issue.
Part of me thinks maybe finding a similar color in one of the, oh, I don’t know, million lip gloss choices available today might have also been an option.
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Aggie’s Nervous Breakdown

I think Aggie Cat is having a nervous breakdown. Having Justin move-in made her tense and cranky. Having Justin’s friend stay with us for a week has made her lose her tiny little kitty mind. Yesterday, while I was at work, she brought four pair of my socks from the bedroom, into the living room. Keep in mind the cat is tiny (6 lbs) and old (somewhere between the ages of 5 and 20, according to my crack team of vets). A rolled-up pair of socks is the size of her head. But she took the time to drag four pairs into the living room.

I’m not certain what she’s trying to tell me, but I don’t think it’s good.

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I Can’t Concentrate…

…because there are Girl Scout cookies for sale in the kitchen at work. They are calling to me. If they had Thin Mints, I’d be powerless.
In other news…
  • T-Minus 10 days until Vegas! I do believe that "Livin’ Like We’re Dyin’" will include pedicures at Canyon Ranch spa upon arrival, seeing The Beatles "Love" show, eating at a fancy restauarant (TBD – any suggestions?), shopping, pool side lounding and some serious slot machine time. 
  • Oscar Quest 2007 – I don’t think I’ve written about this year’s Oscar quest yet. Emily and I saw all five, and were the most underwhelmed with Babel. I personally think Little Miss Sunshine or Letters from Iwo Jima should have one, but really, as long as Babel didn’t win, we’re cool.
  • Date with Melissa & Mr. Choo – On Saturday, Justin and I went on a double date with Melissa and Jimmy. We had planned to see the burlesque show at the Pink Door – but we didn’t get in (crazy long wait). So we had dinner (I do love the food at Pink Door) and then hit the Virginia Inn. We also made it (momentarily) to the Frontier Room, before the evening’s booze hit me and I had to head home (huh. 29 and still don’t know when to stop. nice. at least something about me is young.)
  • Shit Flood of 2007 – The sewage flood of Justin’s apartement is pretty much resolved. Even though home owner’s insurance stayed firm and wouldn’t cover anything, the city stepped up and he got reimbursed for all his losses, which I think makes him feel better about, well, losing everything he owns.
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Yes, I Saw That She Shaved Her Head.

Britney, Britney, Britney.
Why must you make it so hard for me to love you?
Dial down the crazy, honey.
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Still Not Much to Say

  1. Congrats to my girls the Dixie Chicks on the Grammies. I freaking love that CD.
  2. Emily and I are three movies in to "Oscar Quest 2007." So far Little Miss Sunshine is totally the frontrunner. Not a huge fan of The Departed (it was fine, just not Oscar worthy) and didn’t like Babel at all (can we say heavy handed?).
  3. Got a facial this weekend at Calidora. Best $126 I’ve spent in a while. The facials there include microdermabrasian, and I’ve been all glowy for days.


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Not Much to Say

Pretty slow week…
Book Club – Participated in my very first book club on Wednesday. Very fun! Granted, it was our warm-up meeting, and we just had to read this month’s "O Magazine." Speaking of, if you haven’t read it yet, check out the interview with Bobby Kennedy Jr. I didn’t know anything about him before, but I heart him now. Next month we tackle an actual book, "The Memory Keeper’s Daughter."
TV – Big TV week. Lost is back – and while the long break had me falling a little out of infatuation with it, I’m back to being enamoured. Not as good as it has been in the past, but solid. Gilmore is still trying my patience, though this week’s episode sucked less than most of the episodes this season. I’m behind on my Grey’s Anatomy, but watched last week’s episode and freaking loved it. I tell ya, I have so changed my tune on the G.A. – I think it’s one of the best freaking shows on TV. All of the acting is fantastic – and I would listen to Kate Walsh read the phone book. And Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh and even Skinny are so so good. When Christina said, "We’ll have money. We can hire a wife" I think I screamed with glee out loud. 
Not much else. I could write about my dentist appointment, but not sure it makes for fascinating reading (no cavities!)…
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My Kind of Book Club

Yesterday I joined a Book Club. Our first "book" is the February issue of O Magazine.
This is the kind of Book Club I’ve been waiting for.
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Shitty Weekend

It was a shitty weekend – quite literally.

Started out well. Justin picked me up from work around 5:00 on Friday, we went to dinner and then to Borat (yes, realize we are the last people on earth to see it), then went for drinks afterwards. Went home to his apartment and fell asleep around midnight. Lovely.

But at around 4:00 in the morning we were awoken by a bizarre sound in the bathroom. We rushed in, and the toilet was overflowing – but not like a normal overflow, like a full-on geyser, totally gushing out water. And it was covering the floor fast. Justin called the manager and I threw down a few towels to try to keep the SEWAGE in the bathroom (silly, Kasey) – but within minutes it was flooding the entire fucking apartment. I ran into the bedroom and managed to save what was on Justin’s closet floor (shoes, golf clubs, etc). But that was about all we could get to. And did I mention that during this I’m in my pajamas, standing in FREEZING COLD RAW SEWAGE while barefoot?

We ran around doing what we could – saving some things and dragging them out to higher ground, but it was fairly futile. All his furniture is gone. The entire place was under 2 inches of SEWER water within 10 or 15 minutes. Everything that was touching the floor has HUMAN SEWAGE on it. And it didn’t just come out of the toilet, it poured out of all the sinks as well – bathroom and kitchen. So everything in the kitchen – everything on the counters, in the dishwasher, drawers, everything is covered.

We went back to my place, showered, and sat there dazed, watching the whole thing unfold on the news. A water pipe had apparently frozen and burst outside, so there were torrents of water flowing down the entire street, basically right into Justin’s apartment. The whole basement of his building is flooeded – and he’s the only basement apartment (I think one dude in a building next door was affected as well). After a while, we got dressed (in clothes that later would clearly need to be thrown away or burned) and headed back there to stand around in the freezing cold sewer apartment all day, trying to save what we could and moving everything out. Pretty much the most demoralizing day ever. (Nothing like looking at a big wad of someone else’s toilet paper on your living room floor.) Justin has an amazing perspective and sense of humor and was doing as best he could, but it was hard on him. I tried to keep it together most of the day, and could make jokes and laugh at a lot of it, but then would just be totally overwhelmed with how badly I feel for him. (As you’ll see in the news clip, I’m laughing because we can’t get the VCR unhooked. What you don’t see is that about an hour later I’m crying because we’ve been standing in sewage all day and I’m freezing cold and exhausted). So, so gross and overwhelming.

He’s moved in with me for the time being (we expect it will likely be at least a month for them to fix his apartment – everything from carpet to molding to dry wall to cupboards has to be removed). What he could save (not much) is in a storage unit, and his clothes and stuff are at my place.

And the best part? He DOES have renter’s insurance…but they AREN’T COVERING any of it!! Apparently, the city is at fault and they don’t cover this because the pipe broke outside of the apartment builing. So now he has to submit a claim to the city and see what happens.

I’ve included some freaking gross pictures below (blurry, from the camera phone) and links to two of the news clips. He was on all four local stations, but only spoke to a couple of them…by the afternoon, his patience was wearing a little thin. The camera man from Fox 13 did help him move the bed, though, so they were at least a little useful.

Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross

Click "Watch this story" on the first link – you can see us packing up what we could salvage. And you can click on the video in the link below and see Justin being interviewed and footage of the apartment.




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One, Two…Cha, Cha, Cha….Leg Cramp…Cha, Cha, Cha.

CES has beaten the pretty out of me.
Two weeks of endless work hours culminating in four days in Vegas (and spending time in smokey casinos, drinking and hitting the slots during free time doesn’t help anyone’s looks) have made me look haggard. Bad skin, bad hair, bad nails (and those are my hands – my feet are swamp monster). And the combo of junk food, booze and lack of sleep has left me all puffy and not fitting into any of my pants. So now that CES is behind me, I’m trying to bring some pretty back. And it’s a process. I made it into a hair cut yesterday – and waxing/manicures/pedicures will follow this weekend, but in order to lose a couple of the pounds I’ve put on between Thanksgiving and yesterday, I’ve resorted to drastic measures.
And by drastic measures, I mean exercise.
Jennifer managed to convince me that I don’t need to spend $300 on the Ultimate Pilates Machine, so dropped $14.99 on a cardio salsa CD (it actually also has cardio hip hop and cardio retro, but I’ve only tried out salsa). It’s obviously not a hugely challanging workout – just something to get the blood pumping. Well, that would be the aim for people who have been at least mildly mobile over the past year. I, evidently, have done nothing AT ALL, so the cardio salsa kicked my ass just a tisch. It wasn’t overly challanging cardio wise – but man, I was just hitting my salsa stride when my thigh muscles completely cramped up. WTF? I certainly can’t claim to work out with any regularity, but jesus, I have spent my fair share of time on treadmills and stairmasters – and the workout chippie on my DVD managed to bring me to my knees with a well-placed "Knee bend – cha, cha, cha!"
I also bought a fancy new scale that measures body fat along with weight and lets you track your progress. I’m contemplating posting my weight on a weekly basis a la Bridget Jones to shame me into sticking to a bit of diet and exercise reasonableness, but only if my situation gets really desperate and my skirts stop fitting along with my pants.
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